About iceaddis

About iceaddis

iceaddis is Ethiopia's first innovation hub & tech startup incubator established in May 2011.

We work on youth-driven private sector initiatives and facilitate constructive interaction between techies, entrepreneurs, investors and people from the creative industries.

It is partly open community workspace, vector for investors and incubator for young energetic tech- entrepreneurs and creatives. Our collaborators share ideas, pool resources, use ICTs effectively, make effective use of product development projects, access business and life skill trainings, and transform ideas into viable businesses.

iceaddis is offering a place for exchange, work and the support for innovative project ideas, that are related to local demands and development. Mainly young university graduates and startup founders are using the iceaddis services. Educational institutes, government organizations, NGOs and regional companies are getting involved in iceaddis' creative community to generate new ideas for their service or develop and test projects.

The activities of iceaddis are based on a self-understanding of a platform, that facilitates creative potential, tests uncommon ideas and experiments with prototypes to find out if there is market potential. With the collaborative mindset in iceaddis practices, we want to network the potentials of a young community that intends to actively participate in the change of their local environment and established sustainable businesses.

We are

Community oriented innovation hub

Tech startup incubator

Co-working Space

Facilitators of creative workshops and events

Consultancy services