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    October 16th
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The deadline is now closed.

1st SEWOH Innovation Slam 2016

Sparking rural innovation in the food value chain!

Make your idea become reality. The SEWOH Innovation Slam competition is looking for your innovation in agriculture. Every person or organisation is welcome to submit their idea.  

The Innovation Slam is a competition designed to encourage innovation in the food value chain. The winners of each challenge will receive up to 120,000 ETB to implement their idea during one year. The competition has four different challenges:

  1. Organic Product Innovation

Do you have an innovative idea for a new organic product for the consumer market in the area of food? Then apply for this challenge!

  1. Connecting Farmers and Markets

Do you have an innovative idea to connect farmers and markets in the area of transport or IT solutions? Then apply for this challenge!

  1. Entrepreneurial Ideas for Afar

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea for a business addressing the local value chain and creating jobs in Afar? Then apply for this challenge!

  1. Healthy Eating

Do you have an idea for improving the knowledge about diverse eating or increasing availability and access to healthy food? Then apply for this challenge!

How to apply

Submissions should include your name, telephone, email, and contact address and can be sent in the following formats:

  • Document: Maximum 2 pages text and optional maximum 2 pages pictures/illustrations, A4 PDF, or;
  • Audio file: Maximum 5 minutes, MP3, 10MB, or;
  • Video file: Maximum 3 minutes, MP4, 15MB

Applications can be in any of the following languages: English, Amharic, Afar, Oromo, Tigrinya. Submission deadline: October 30th

About SEWOH: With its Special Initiative “One World No Hunger” (SEWOH), Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims at reducing poverty and hunger. In Ethiopia four projects are launched under the SEWOH Initiative: Green Innovation Centre; Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture; Afar Soil Rehabilitation and Improved Soil Fertility Management.

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