Innovation Slam

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    October 16th
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Green Innovation Slam 2018

Sparking rural innovation in the agricultural value chain!

Agriculture continues to play a key role in Ethiopia’s economy and society. Primary agriculture production provides the livelihood basis of 80% of the population and accounts for 40% of the country’s GDP. Despite a strong economic development of the sector over the last decades, overall productivity remains low in comparison to global standards.

About the Green Innovation Centre:

The Green Innovation Centre (GIC) supports the Ethiopian government with the development of the agricultural sector to improve the food supply chain, foster income generation opportunities and target employment creation.

The focal area of GIC is to support and improve the wheat and faba bean value chains through the promotion of modern agricultural technologies, tailored trainings in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), high quality seeds and agricultural inputs as well as agro-processing and marketing. (Further information on the “Green Innovation Centre - Ethiopia” fact sheet)

About the competition:

The Green Innovation Slam is a business competition designed to encourage and support innovations in the food value chain of wheat & faba bean. The competition is targeting any businesses and organisations with innovative ideas in this sector.

Interested persons are welcome to submit their idea for one of the Competition Categories:

  • Nutrition & Consumer Market: We are looking for businesses that want to enter the market with new or improved products or innovations in food processing for food security and healthy eating.
  • Information & Communication Technologies: Are you using or planning on developing technologies that assist in supply chain management, standardization, quality management, distribution or market data?
  • Equipment & Machinery: Does your innovative product increase productivity, ease maintenance or substitute imports?
  • Newcomer & Startups: If you are working on a scalable business idea and can prove traction and are established in the last 2 years - apply here!

After a rigorous selection process, four winners will be presented at an award ceremony and receive attractive prizes and support for prototyping their ideas.


  • Travel to Germany for 2 persons from each winning team to visit trade fairs, exhibitions, industries or to participate in a training
  • Work with business experts on your needs assessment and due diligence for development
  • Get support through training, mentorship, business & agri-networks and technology & agriculture expert support

Competition design

Entry to the competition is free and open to all natural persons and organisations:

  • In the age of 18 years or over on the date of submission
  • Resident of Ethiopia
  • Have an registered business

Participants may compete as a consortium, in which case they must appoint a representative; however, each team member must be identified individually. Awards given to a consortium or an organisation shall be split among its members.

Languages for submission:

The participants can submit their entries in one the official competition languages: English, Amharic, Afaan Oromo.

Phase I - Submission deadline November 11th:

Submissions should be sent via email to until November 11th, 10:00 pm (international time) or 4:00 pm (Ethiopian time) in the East African Time Zone and include:

  • Profile: name, telephone, email, contact address
  • Participants may submit their entries in the format of:
  • Document: Maximum 2 pages text and optional maximum 2 pages pictures/illustrations, A4 PDF or Word Document, based on the template attached.

Phase II - Submission deadline December 9th:

Shortlisted entries will be notified in order to receive further instruction and training opportunities to prepare for submission of Phase 2:

  • Revised concept
  • Implementation plan
  • Graphical illustration of the concept or photos
  • Due diligence form

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