Changing the Narrative: The Search for Local Solutions To Africa's Challenges

Changing the Narrative: The Search for Local Solutions To Africa’s Challenges

Together with Ford Foundation and the World Economic Forum, HiiL has stepped in to change the game. Justice in Africa is an issue all too often a controversial one. From corruption scandals to ineffective rule of law, Africans face unique challenges in getting access to justice. However, the solution is closer to the continent than one may think.

Instead of seeking solutions for NGOs, governments and the international community, the HiiL-Ford Foundation- World Economic Forum is looking to you for the answer. Africa has immense potential, and who better to drive its potential to reform its justice sector than Africans. In the absence of effective justice institutions, innovative Africans have spearheaded remarkable efforts to combat corruption, ensure dispute resolution and offer legal help to those who need it. The SME Empowerment Innovation Challenge will take 3 unique justice innovations that support African SMEs and invest 70,000 US Dollars in their potential, besides offering expert mentorship, acceleration support, and a platform to access network of investors and justice leaders. Over a period of 3 years, HiiL seeks to help 100 SMEs and 100,000 people through this venture.
All those with innovative ideas are encouraged to submit them at before 1st August 2015, and be part of a movement to transform the business ecosystem in Africa.


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    Comment *that is good i want to be one of this part.
    so I am interesting to compete by my new innovative technology solutions on pre-water linkage and contamination control systems.
    tank you..!

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