Business Hackathon with Harvard Business School Students

Business Hackathon with Harvard Business School Students

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A half-day business hackathon organized by iceaddis and Harvard business school's students took place at iceaddis on January 13th, 2016. Five ventures were selected to work with students on issues related to the value proposition, the challenges the ventures have in growing the business and how to address them. The hackathon also enabled the team to work on main milestones to the next three years on the desired outlook and identifying the most important actions to take to reach their goals.

There were three students working with each entrepreneur and a five minutes pitch was conducted for the invited guests.

While the students were in Ethiopia, they met CEOs, policy makers, and business founders and presented their findings on January 15th, 2015. The students stated that they have observed that Ethiopia has a latent but burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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The five ventures that participated in the business hackathon were:

Hello Doctor ( )

Hello Doctor is the leading m-health service provider in Ethiopia. The service allows you to easily access medical services using your phone.Hello Doctor services are provided through the partnership of leading technology, management, ambulance service and clinical service providers in Ethiopia.


Kebede Lakew of Organic Liquid Fertilizer Producing ( )

Organic liquid fertilizer producing plc is a company established with the aim of producing and delivering organic fertilizers “ECOGREEN” to the commercial, individual farmers and urban agriculture/gardening. EcoGreen is scientifically proven, approved and patented formula blended from 100% Organic & Natural Chemicals.


Winsol Green Power Engineering

WinSol Green Power Engineering PLC is a business firm that makes solar home lighting system kits and portable solar mobile device chargers. Develops influential solar powered mobile charger for Ethiopian farmers.


AddisCan ( )

Addiscan is a platform that helps people manage their business operations and provide actionable data to help managers make informed business decisions.


Deliver Addis ( )

Deliver addis helps you order food online in Addis Ababa in just a few easy steps. It makes you able to choose from your favorite restaurants all over the city and find what you're in the mood for.


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    A very good opportunity for Ethiopian Startups

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