It’s like one of those old stories our folks at home used to talk about a bird that went under our palm eating all the meal and find her way in to our armpit. The guy at the show who makes the illusive Craft with his magic box and a piece of garment like a handkerchief where the rabbit appears out of thin air. It all seemed impossible until I grew to realize all about it being a trick. We are learning how to trick people – we are the tricksters.

Animation is an art that all impossible things become possible with computer graphics imagery (CGI). In the CG world we create, destroy; regenerate or simulate anything that is very expensive to do physically or simply impossible.

William Fetter was credited with coining the term computer graphics in 1961 to describe his work at Boeing. One of the first displays of computer animation was Futureworld (1976), which included an animation of a human face and a hand produced by Ed Catmull and Fred Parke at the University of California. 3D Animation consists the process of forming a computer model of an object’s shape, the motion and placement of objects within a scene, the computer calculations that based on light placement, surface types, and other qualities to generate the image. Animation refers to the temporal description of an object, i.e., how it moves and deforms over time. Popular methods include key framing, inverse kinematics, and motion capture. These techniques are often used in combination. As with modeling, physical simulation also specifies motion.

There was time back in the days before the giants we stood upon created the tools. Animating a single object was a painstaking process. It was difficult to make even simple movements of figures and objects. During this period animations were done by sketching and moving pictures frame by frame. After decades of development of the art now 2D and 3D animations can be done using different techniques and soft wares. Today companies in the developed world make complicated 3d environments with light and textures real world constraints like gravity and other complex applications of Physics. These days CG animated movies are equivalently competing in the film industry.

In Ethiopia not more than a hand full of people tried and experimented on developing characters from legendary folktales and stories. In the last two decades; Senzero, Yawiwi, Abeba and Abebe and Aleka Abebe are some of the list of few animations produced in 2D and 3D that are bold enough to be mentioned. These animations are made by individuals effort or their special interest and tendencies of getting exposed to these graphic soft wares and engineering tools.

It is important to have a strong animation industry in a country. A nation gets many benefits from this industry in many aspects. Some of the areas, which can be illustrated with 3D models animation, are Architectural and urban models, chemical reaction visualization for different biological and medical purposes. In addition to this the entertainment industry needs products of CGI; Movies and video clips that are aided with CGI are more attractive and pleasant to the viewer.

In building architectural forms and models CGI plays a great role in showing the quality of a building or architectural form before it is built practically in real world. 3D models that are completely generated on a computer help to analyze solar orientations by taking original geographic coordinates and simulate factors like Shading devices, thermal control, ventilation, acoustic control and so.

This helps to reduce the cost that comes due to miscalculating these factors and make the builders to rebuild or correct errors in construction world. In our time fly through animations becomes common for the designed architectural buildings. These are also used for promoting a design and also ease the discussions with clients and stakeholders at different level before deciding and commencing a construction process.

Urban flythrough animation and visualization are also benefited from this industry for a certain city or neighborhood design. Quality of space is one of the major achievements in urban design. Since it is difficult to change urban environment after it is built spatial qualities can be visualized with renderings and animation of the 3D model of that space before it is built.

Students at different educational level need more explanation about science, chemical and biological processes in simpler ways. Different illustrations of processes can be made with 2D and3D models. These illustrations will enable students to understand the processes easily.  Producing these illustrations in a simpler and the right way will push students to have further research in their filed after they have basic concept. Other educational filed like technical drawing, physics, and mathematics are better visualized or illustrated than expressed by words.

Kids are also the one who are directly attached to animation. Kids are directly attached to stories and legends in their community. It teaches students and introduces the good characters and heroes in life. Different teaching materials for kids are made with animated characters and puppets based on their preferences of color and form. As we know stories were written and told about our culture, legends and different superstitions but never seen on screen. We need to transfer those values and assets of our culture to the coming generation who has become increasingly exposed to visual Medias like TV, Movies and the Internet. We live in an era where seeing has become much more for believing.

The entertainment industry of once country obviously needs CGI. Animation movies and video clips are one of the major sources of entertainment in a country. The booming film industry needs the art of visual effects as main ingredient to become competing world widely. CGI & Animations add to the production value in movies by producing impossible visual effects. In addition It could be also a good job opportunities specially for those in college and higher education facilities with basic skills to contribute and be part of the mass productive group which is demanded highly in the developed countries and benefit its self in the process. If well worked out in groups and discipline our products could get to be attractive enough they may have a chance to a worldwide attention.

In Ethiopia by the year 2011 Mirt animation group was established aiming to create a strong animation & CGI industry, which brings all the above benefits and values for the country. The vision of this group is to see a strong Animation and CGI industry that has an Ethiopian identity. This group is now working with different companies, groups and individuals in order to bring a change on the art of the Craft. This group is working first to build Ethiopian animation community that has a lot of contributing members.  The group is open for everyone who wants to comment support and contribute our values, vision and goals. Mirt animation is incubated by iceaddis with green membership.

Currently we are about to launch our own website with an official launching ceremony and brief presentation. The launching ceremony will be held in February 23,2013. This event is prepared to introduce the content and services that the webpage provides for the public. The event consists of descriptions and discussion on the web page, new and previous short animations prepared by Mirt animations group, carton pictures that are going to be posted in the web page, music and additional entertaining programs. Guests from different professions, supportive members of Mirt animation group, Radio show hosts and different Medias will attend this ceremony. The web page is going to be weekly updated art and entertainment webpage.

The main goal of Mirt animations group is to establish Ethiopian animation community, which has its own entertainment industry. This webpage is going to be a communication media between the community members.